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Industrial Electrical Manufacturer

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Contactor series Contactor series

Contactor series

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Industrial Electrical Manufacturer Industrial Electrical Manufacturer

Industrial Electrical Manufacturer

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Photovoltaic system  protectrion Photovoltaic system  protectrion

Photovoltaic system protectrion

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  • NDQ5-100 4P PC Type Automatic transfer switch

    NDQ5 series dual power automatic transfer switch is mainly used for ac 50 HZ, rated voltage 380 v, control of rated voltage 220 v, rated current, 16-3200 - a distribution network or generator in a master a case or give priority to each syst···

  • NDQ2 2P Mini Auto Changeover Switch

    NDQ2 series dual power automatic transfer switch is suitable for AC 50/60Hz dual power supply system with rated operating voltage of 400V and rated operating current from 16~63A. Optional transfer of dual power can be made according to requ···

  • LNSX Moulded case circuit breaker

  • CJX2 Reversing AC Contactor

    CJX2 AC Contactor are suitable for using 50Hz or 60Hz ,rated voltage up to 660V, rated current up to 95A.It is maining used for starting & controlling the AC motor frequently, switching on and off thecircuit at a long distance. It is us···

  • NDU1-20 Surge protective device

    This series of products is suitable for AC 50/60 Hz, 380V and below the TN-S, TN-CS, TT, IT and other power supply system is based on IEC standard design standard 35mm rail installation, the product temperature control circuit technology, b···

  • GW1 ELU-63

  • LEM-D2 1224hours digital timer relay

    This device is a plug-in timer switch designed to control the electric power to household appliances to save energy. It has a built-in battery to operate the clock and help you set the timer. Before operation,please plug the unit into an ou···

  • DTS238-7 three phase din rail type energy meter

    The meter is used in three phase four wire/three phase three wire /two phase three wire power grid. The meter is designed to measure AC active energy. It is a long life meter with the advantage of high stability, high over load capability, ···

  • THQL Black circuit breaker

    THQL Circuit Breaker is mainly used for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), It has the functions of overload and short circuit protection, advanced structure, reliable performance, high breaking capacity and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in indust···

  • LVDSH-PV12 combiner box

    DC combiner box is suitable for inverter (MAX input voltage DC550V/DC1000V, 1 PV input channel, 1 output channel, single MPPT inverter). Box body is made of PVC engineering materials, with test for fire retardant, temperature rise, anti imp···


  • DC Isolating switch PV32

    FMPVSeries DC Isolator Switch in plastic enclosure is applied to 1 ~20 KW residential or commercial photovoltaic system, placed between photovoltage modules and inverters. Arcing time is less than 8ms, that keeps solar system more safe. To ···

  • DC SPD NDU6-40

    NDU6 series photovoltaic (pv) special DC surge protection device used in lightning protection of solar photovotaic power generation system or other DC power supply system and make the system against lightning over-voltage. Built-in temperat···

  • LTSM surface plastic distribution box

    Rated current: 63AShort-circuit making current:10KAShell protection grade: IP40Shell material:ABS polymeric carbonColor: WhiteFace covering: Transparent PC materialPlastic Box DimensionsSpecification / SizeLWHTSM-2 Ways4913085TSM-3 Ways9314···

  • HT Waterproof distribution box

    HT Series lighting box is in line with IEC-493-1 standard, attractive and durable, safe and reliable, which is widely used in various places such as factory, mansion, residence, shopping center and so on.Panel is the ABS material for the en···

  • JK junction box

  • JXF metal distribution box

    (JXF indoor/JFF outdoor) enclosure box is designed to be assembled into the distributing box with various control functions according to the type of components, specifications and quantity.The structure is so tight that can be very perfect.···


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